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Elevating Safety: CRC Sets Trends in Safety

Elevating Safety: CRC Sets Trends in Safety

Imagine a world where every construction site isn't just a hub of activity, but a beacon of safety. That's the vision CRC is bringing to life. Construction Safety Week occurs this May and it’s more than an event for us; it's a heartfelt commitment to ensure that every hammer, scaffold, and hard hat contributes to a safer tomorrow. Safety doesn't just sit at the top of our priority list—it's the bedrock of our entire operation. We caught up with Michael Pennington, the driving force behind CRC’s safety culture, to uncover what makes our safety program effective.



Think of the last time you felt truly safe—was it while walking through a hazard-laden construction site or while tucked away at home? At CRC, we're bridging that gap. Our approach to safety isn't about ticking boxes or following rules blindly. It's about nurturing a team that looks out for each other's backs. Through immersive training sessions that go beyond the ordinary, we equip our crew with not just the tools, but the mindset to prioritize safety above all. It’s about empowering every member of our team to be capable of protecting not just themselves, but everyone stepping foot on our sites. 


In the world of restoration and construction, numbers speak volumes, and our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.68 is practically shouting. But what does that really mean? It means that when it comes to safety, we're not just playing the game; we're changing it. This figure is a testament to our relentless dedication to not just doing things right but doing the right things—ensuring every person involved in our projects get home safe, every day. It’s a number that tells a story of countless accidents avoided and lives protected. 

CRC Safety Ladder Training
Mark Perez, CRC Regional Safety Manager Reviews Ladder Safety
CRC Safety Training_Lifts
Michael Pennington, CRC Nat'l Safety Mgr, trains teams on lift safety.
CRC Safety_Lift and Harness Training

Jim Fentress (L) and Trevor McDonald of CRC participate in lift and harness training. 

CRC Safety Lift Training
CRC Nat'l Safety Mgr, Michael Pennington conducts lift training.
CRC Safety Lift Operation Training
CRC team participate in lift operation training.


At the core of CRC's ethos aren't just policies or procedures, but values that resonate with the human spirit. Integrity, one team, cultivate champions, and community—these aren’t buzzwords for us; they're the compass that guides our actions and interactions. These values ensure that safety is never compromised and that we always strive to elevate standards, not just meet them. They remind us that we're not just restoring structures; we're nurturing spaces where life happens. 



On the Power of Presence: 
"Nothing beats being there, in the thick of it. Our hands-on training is a game-changer because it transforms abstract concepts into tangible realities." 

On Overlooked Safety Insights: 
"The biggest mistake? Assuming you know enough. Safety is a vast universe, constantly expanding. Continuous learning is the only way forward." 

Why CRC Stands Out: 
"It’s simple. We don’t see safety as a checklist or a one-off training video. We see it as a living, breathing culture—it's about learning from every nail driven, every beam lifted." 

The Heart of Safety: 
"Safety is more than protocols; it’s about people. It’s ensuring that every project we touch not only stands tall but stands safe for those who build, inhabit, and surround it." 


At CRC, we go beyond just advocating for safer practices - we live and breathe a culture of safety in all aspects of our work. Our dedication to comprehensive training, continuous improvements, and staying true to our core values propels us to lead the charge in the safety movement. Come and be a part of our safety-driven culture.

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