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Client Story

Commercial Restoration Company (CRC) provides water damage restoration services to flooded casino.

3 min read

CRC Restores Casino Damaged by Massive Flooding

During an exceptionally rainy spring, the Tulsa area faced an unprecedented flood crisis. A combination of heavy snowmelt from the Colorado Rockies...

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Commercial Restoration Company (CRC) restores tornado-damaged medical practice.

2 min read

CRC Restores Medical Practice Building Damaged by Tornado

A pair of tornadoes tore through western Arkansas in late spring, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Among the affected areas was Van...

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Aerial view of completed roof repairs.

2 min read

CRC Restores Historic Funeral Home Post-Hurricane

In August 2021, Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana, becoming one of the most powerful storms to hit the United States. This devastating Category 4...

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Construction entrance to orthopedic surgery center

2 min read

CRC Restores Water-Damaged Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery Center

After a devastating water loss caused by a ruptured sprinkler pipe in the attic, an outpatient surgical facility faced extensive damage throughout...

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A view overview the financial district in Manhattan, NY.

Frozen Pipe Bursts; Water Damages 50 Floors in Manhattan Holiday Inn

Our water damage mitigation experts restored this up-scale high rise hotel to its prior pristine condition on time, on budget, and without disturbing...

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Three Major Hurricanes on a single day: Hurricane Katia, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose (from left to right).

1 min read

CRC Repairs Four Hotels Damaged by Hurricane Irma Ahead of Schedule

We responded first and when no one else could to quickly bring four hurricane-battered hotels back to pre-loss condition well ahead of schedule.

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