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CRC Repairs Four Hotels Damaged by Hurricane Irma Ahead of Schedule

Three Major Hurricanes on a single day: Hurricane Katia, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose (from left to right).

We responded first and when no one else could to quickly bring four hurricane-battered hotels back to pre-loss condition well ahead of schedule.

The Challenge
During the 2017 hurricane season CRC, like many restoration firms, were busy responding to hurricane Harvey losses in Texas. At the same time, Hurricane Irma gained strength and set its sights on Florida.

A large hospitality client, The Rockpoint Group in the Florida Keys, contacted CRC with a pre-emptive request to mobilize equipment and response teams in anticipation of wide-spread damages.

The client’s property consisted of four adjacent hotels with over 300 rooms. Irma caused substantial damage to the property. Response efforts were complicated by the island restricting outside traffic and resources aside from first-responders.

The Solution
CRC was not only able to reallocate resources for a rapid response but acquired FEMA credentials for immediate passage to Key West as a result of CRC’s self-sustainable unit.

A first response crew flew out to begin inspecting the premises with a recovery team arriving closely behind and set up a fully operational compound.

CRC quickly developed a scope of work and a timeline for mitigation efforts. The scope included mitigation of water intrusion, EIFS damages, and additional losses to roughly two-thirds of each hotel and support buildings.

CRC phased drying, rebuild, and repair teams to restore blocks of hotel rooms, also providing power to the hotels during the period the island’s electricity was limited. The project progressed well beyond expectations, with repairs completed in just 45 days.

The result was the Keys Collection being the first hotels that suffered Irma damages to reopen on the Florida Key Islands.

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