Gross! What's That Smell?

In some cases of water damage, you may find that you smell the problem before you see it.

And what you smell will be a big clue in the type of water damage that has occurred or could alert you to subsequent damage like mold.

Here are three common odors associated with water damage:

  1. Sewage – If damage was caused by a sewer backup, you’ll immediately notice the smell of raw sewage.
  2. Muddy – If water comes in from outdoors, you’ll likely notice a smell similar to a lake or river.
  3. Musty – If damage isn’t addressed properly and quickly, over time you might notice a musty smell which could mean you have microbial growth aka mold.

If you notice any of these odors, you should call in the professionals immediately and steer clear of the affected areas. There are strict protocols for handling and removing things like sewage and mold that would pose safety or health hazards to an untrained person.

But don’t worry, you shouldn’t be stuck with bad smells forever. With the right equipment and specialized deodorizes, those smells can typically be removed.

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