What's the Worst that Could Happen in a Vacant Building?

When it comes to water damage in a vacant space or building, the biggest problem is there's no one around to notice the issue right away.

An otherwise relatively minor water leak can cause tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in a vacant building.

If a toilet supply line breaks, water could be running for days or weeks before anyone checks on the building.

If it's summertime or you're in a high humidity area and you turn the AC off, any water issue is going to propagate and ruin building materials pretty quickly.

If it's wintertime and the heat is turned way down or shut off, you'd likely have frozen and burst pipes.

Our teams have opened up buildings that have been vacant for months and seen the walls covered in mold and the carpets growing mushrooms.

Just because a space or building is unoccupied doesn't mean you can lock it up and forget about it. Continuing routine property checks and maintenance on vacant buildings is still necessary to help prevent or minimize property damage.

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