What is a Bomb Cyclone?

If you’re unfamiliar, a bomb cyclone happens when a storm’s central barometric pressure drops at least 24 millibars in 24 hours – meteorologists call this rapid intensification process bombogenesis.

For non-weather experts – it’s basically a winter hurricane.

So, what should you be aware of with a storm like this? Weather reports are calling for:

  • A lot of wet, heavy snow
  • Potential for hurricane-strength winds
  • Coastal flooding
  • Power outages

Following the storm, check your property for:

  • Structural damage
  • Roof damage or collapse
  • Downed trees or powerlines
  • Power outages
  • Frozen or broken pipes
  • Water damage

Should your property sustain damage, prepare for:

  • Response times from service providers to be impacted by road conditions and/or high service volume
  • Generators to be in high demand if there are significant and prolonged power outages
  • Materials shortages due to supply chain challenges

With any storm, always put safety first. Stock up on any supplies you might need until the storm passes, roads are clear and power returns.

An additional note about safety 

When winter storms like this knockout power, people are understandably trying to stay warm. However, it’s not uncommon for fires or carbon monoxide poisoning to occur when things like generators or space heaters are improperly used.

  • NEVER run a generator indoors or in partly enclosed areas such as garages
  • ONLY use generators outdoors and far away from windows, doors, vents, crawl spaces and in an area where adequate ventilation is available and will not accumulate deadly exhaust gas
  • Always turn off a space heater after use
  • If you get stuck in your car, make sure your exhaust pipe is clear
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